Who we are

Established in late 2008, Climate Watch Thailand is a non governmental and not-for-profit independent organisation that acts and advocate to change attitudes and development paradigm to ensure climate justice and development justice –a just, fair and inclusive climate policies and activities towards livable, resilient and sustainable society. We work to influence government and individual actions to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels while reducing risks, enable resilience and strengthen adaptive capacity and adaptation. Our priorities are on both mitigation and adaptation actions based on climate justice, respectfulness of the human rights and inclusiveness of peoples. Our vision is to ensure the sustainable climate system. Not only have we been working in Thailand, we are allying with regional and international networks to ensure livable and climate resilient society for current and future generation.

Climate Watch Thailand is also serving as a coordinating body of Climate Action Network Thailand (CAN-Thailand), composed of more than 10 national and local organisations and networks in Thailand. It is a member of CANSEA (Climate Action Network Southeast Asia) where other members are in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, and a member of a worldwide CAN network of over 900 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in more than 100 countries.

Climate Watch Thailand is currently a core member of the Asia Climate CSOs Consortium where members are in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Middle East. The Consortium strengthens CSOs efforts and advocate for regional and international climate actions.

We are independent, not involved in and affiliating with any political parties and interests.